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Our Commitment

CRI's success is directly related to our top notch technology in rubber compounding & pressing, resulting in advance commercial truck tire top performance, high mileage and low wear per tire unit.

Recyling rubber resources for the world's future generation and caring for mother earth's long term sustainability is our ultimate goal.
We believe in recycling.
Go green and retread your tires.

Exclusive Services

CRI Rubber LLC, is an innovative rubber technology company based in USA specialized in “wholesale" commercial new truck tires / recapped truck tires in 11R22.5 / 11R24.5 sizes.

We sell top quality 36ft pre-cured tread rubber / rolls in various designs and sizes for truck tire retreading & recapping tailored to fit the North American commercial truck tire industry.

Our top quality truck tires & 36ft precured tread rubber rolls are designed for various truck tire drive and trailor services

CRI tire & tread products are currently sold to various tread rubber retreading & recapping manufactures, national freight accounts & various tire dealers across North America.

Product Highlights

Our cutting edge technology in rubber compounding & pressing makes our precured tread rubber / tire products environmentally friendly with low rolling resistance, which results in excellent fuel savings and profitability to logistics & freight carriers.

We lead the North American tire industry with the lowest weight per foot on our pre-cured tread rubber products with close to zero percent error rate.

Our world wide tire industry experience and top notch research enable us to consistently provide top quality, lowest prices per lb and flexible payment terms in the North American Tire Industry.

Our tire / tread rubber products are carried exclusively at our show room / warehouse at 241 francis ave Mansfield Mass 02048, USA or visit our web site or call toll free 1-877-289-0364