CRI Rubber LLC

Your Ultimate Solution For Commercial Truck Retreading & Rubber Compounds.

CRI Rubber has been established since 2005 in Massachusetts, USA. Our company's managing partners have substantial technical experience in manufacturing heavy duty / high volume rubber compounding / tire products since 1980's.

The company now consists of tread rubber units, including precured tread rubber and master batch mixing units with a complete line of precured molds to fit our ever expanding global commercial truck tire customer / freight carrier’s needs.

The company has clearly demonstrated that its attention to detail in producing top quality / excellent rubber products that has won strong business partnerships in the United States, Canada & Mexico.
Focusing on manufacturing fine export quality precured tread rubber and master batch compound mixes has earned the company a reputable name as well as a dominant market share position in the North American Tire Industry.

The company has been rapidly expanding its production capacity to meet the global business demands with the adoption of Farrell F -270 / F- 380 mixers, K4-Intermixers & 84" mixing mills, thus improving quantity and quality of master batch compounds and precured tread rubber.

Advanced technology, top notch rubber technical / compounding expertise and attention to detail have been our top priority now and for future. Our company's management philosophy and core values always insist and strive to produce a superior quality product to meet our high / ongoing customer satisfaction. In addition we are capable in supplying rubber processing machineries and retreading plant accessories / equipment’s from our engineering division.

CRI Main Products

  • New Commercial Truck Tires (11R 22.5 / 24.5 Sizes)
  • Recapped / Retreaded Commercial Truck Tires (11R 22.5 / 24.5 Sizes)
  • Precured Tread Rubber Rolls (36ft Length / Lowest Weight per Foot)
  • Calendar Roll Cushion Gum (8 3/4 in and 9 in)
  • EZ Extruder Rope Rubber

CRI Engineering Services / Additional Products

  • F-270 / F-380 MIXERS Reconditioned
  • 84" and 60" mixing mills. New / Reconditioned
  • Cracker and Refiner mills. New / Reconditioned
  • 150mm hot Feed Extruder / 3 Tier cooling Conveyor. New
  • Buffing Machine / Cooling Drum. New
  • Tread Rubber Solution's Spray Machine. New